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Official representative of the Japan Karate-do Maruyoshikai Organization

The Japan Karate-do Maruyoshikai Organization (JKMO) was formed under the auspices of
Sasaki Toshiatsu Shihan, to further many of his aspirations and hopes for all Karate-ka around the world. The core belief of JKMO is to help propagate and introduce correct Shotokan karate technique and training.

Moreover, JKMO seeks to help Karate-ka from all systems and styles to train together, in harmony and in peace and camaraderie. JKMO, though a Shotokan based organization, welcomes invitations and attendance of all enthusiasts, regardless of their primary methodology.

As the Chief Instructor and director of JKMO, Sasaki Sensei travels the world. Regardless of country, his caring and loving method of teaching remains the same.

Those who have had the pleasure of training with him, speak volumes about his humility, openness and ease.

JKMO welcomes branches and representatives from around the world, and looks forward to helping discover more of the wonder and beauty of the beautiful art of Karate-do. If you wish more information about our upcoming events, are curious to learn more about us, or simply wish to join our training camps, please feel free to contact us.