Shihan Toshiatsu Sasaki - 8th dan | President J.K.M.O.

West Hills: 818.227.4222    Duarte: 626.599.1633

Master Instructor Sasaki is by far one of the most experienced senior karate instructors in Japan and is the chief instructor of the Japan Karate-do Maruyoshikai Organization (JKMO).

Currently, JKMO is represented with branches in USA, Canada, Russia, France, India, Malaysia, U.A.E, Iran, Sri Lanka, and many other countries.

Once a year, Sasaki Shihan visits the United States, for the official JKMO-USA training Camp (Gashukku) in the Los Angeles area, during which time he graciously visits both the Academy of Karate in West Hills and in Duarte.

The pleasure of training with Sasaki Shihan is multi-dimensional. Along with his calm and comforting demeanor, he offers a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched in depth and breadth.

His style of asking instead of demanding for perfection, allows the student to progress at his/her own pace, while striving at the full personal potential. Sasaki Shihan allows the absorption of knowledge through repetition, which is always followed with key explanations that are lost to others.

To arrange for training with Sasaki Shihan, at your dojo, or to attend the annual USA-JKMO training camp, please email us.


Additional Information

Recognized as an experienced teacher of all mandatory kata, Sasaki Shihan travels the world, brining in-depth knowledge of karate to all.  He also officiates at many world championships.

As one of the only few instructors in the world who are officially sanctioned to teach Shotokan mandatory kata, as prescribed by the WKF, Sasaki Shihan, is world renowned as the “Instructor’s instructor.”

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